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ABOUT US is a division of The TASCON Group located in Middleton, WI. The TASCON Group is a business consulting firm specializing in business financial and operational analysis for profitability enhancement and turn-a-rounds, cash flow management, business valuations, the publishing of business valuation books and business software application solutions and seminars on related business topics since 1982.

The Profit Forecaster financial planning service is powered by The TASCON® Business Analyst software located at External link opens in new tab or The software was first developed in 1989 as a business valuation software program. It is based upon the techniques described in the two books, How to Accurately Price Any Business and Financial Management for Small Business written by Theodore A. See, President, External link opens in new tab or windowThe TASCON Group. The TASCON® Business Analyst is a product developed from 40 years of Ted's experience working as a business financial consultant, as a board certified business appraiser and his experience as the chief financial officer of a mid-sized construction company in Wisconsin.

It is the purpose of the TASCON Group to:

Provide business owners with profit enhancement strategies and solutionsto help maximize their profits, control their cash and protect theirassets by helping them develop proper financial, growth and exitstrategies through direct management consulting services and/orproviding them with our proprietary, affordable and easy to use softwareapplication solutions provided by The TASCON® Business Analyst Softwareas a Service (SaaS).

Provide professional business intermediaries with an accurate, affordable and easy to use software financial tool that will yield additional billable value added services in the areas of business valuation, and business operations analysis by providing their clients with solutions in profit enhancement, cash management, growth, exit and succession planning strategies.

Provide real estate agents and brokers with accurate, affordable and easy to use income property listing, pricing and marketing software solutions to help maximize their incomes.

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